Egyptian blogger Wael Abbas assualted

April 11, 2009

The Egyptian police is currently questioning Wael Abbas, a renowned Egyptian blogger, on an incident that occured last Thursday when he and his mother were assaulted in his apartment by a police officer and his brother.

The full story in Arabic is published on his blog. The following is the translation of the post to English (and refer to the photos on the original post that show the injuries sustained by Wael as a result of the assault).

My fate was to personally sip from the same cup, from which drink those I defend against police brutality and abuse of bullies, where my mother and I were the victims of a vicious assault in my apartment by a police officer.


Yesterday morning, at about 7, my neighbor Ahmed Maher Ajlan called saying that the Internet does not work well, since I, by virtue of neighborhood, give them for free Internet connection, so I said to him, I will check the wires and I did not find anything, so I went to sleep without calling him because it’s impolite to awake people this early from their sleep to say that the net is down, especially when I’m still tired from traveling from Alexandria where I attended in the Swedish Institute in Alexandria a conference on training in the field of civil society, which is complementary to the team-building program, which I went for training in Sweden.
I also do not work at his father’s Technical Support team.


When I woke up, he called again and spoke in a very rude way full of arrogance, saying to me: I do not want to insult you so I told him: “You can’t insult me in the first place” and hung up.  
But it seems that he didn’t like the word ‘you can’t’ and wanted to prove the contrary..
So he accompanied his brother, a police officer Ashraf Maher Ajlan, who lives with him along with two parents and brother, and came knocking on my door. My mother opened and called me and he went on shouting at us and waving his hand in my face my mother’s again and again. I tried to contain the situation and explain to him that what he was doing is contrary to courtesy and morality.

 Then he pushed me in my chest so I pushed him back, then he and his brother the officer attacked me with punches and kicks till I sustained a broken front tooth as you can see in the pictures..(and bruises on the head, and scratches behind the ear)

My mother tried to stop them, so they assaulted her, which caused her bruises on her right arm and side and pushed her and pushed the door of the apartment and when she tried to forcibly close it in their faces and they entered the apartment and assaulted me again.
I phoned police for help, but help did not come except after two hours. Then I called again, and they came this time and escorted me and my mother to the police station to have a record of what happened.
There the officers tried to pressure me to sign reconciliation and told me that he had filed a suit against me. I totally rejected and denounced the idea, calling for the punishment of the bully.
I was transferred for medical examination and my mother in Mansheyet El Bakry General Hospital.  
The reaction of the hospital, where the medical report was written, was bizarre since they refused to tell us the content of the reports, although they asked us to put our finger prints on it, and they didn’t include a medical report on my broken teeth, although it’s the most important incidence because it is a permanent disability requiring treatment for more than twenty one days, making the attack a felony rather than a misdemeanor. Their reason was that there is no dentist or X-ray machine and they asked me to come on Saturday. They told me only the numbers of medical reports. I went to the police station and annexed them to the original record.
No. of police record is 7620, offences of the dome Gardens 2009
No. of my medical report is 892
No. of my mother’s reports:
891 surgery
894 bones

The attack was, as obvious from what was said, not because of my political activity, nor my blogs. But after all, it’s a manifestation of the bullying of the police and the abuse of power, like the many cases we published here in the blog and I doubt that this officer knows at all about my activity because we don’t mingle with neighbors much and as you can see, I am in good relationship with all people. Being a police officer does not prevent me from giving him Internet connection, but this is the police of Egypt, even if they’re your neighbors.

I was sad because of some of the comments on the Internet and the effort of the security to play down the pernicious assault on me and my mother, the virtuous lady.
Does it have to be a political attack to be important???
Is the attack on a citizen and his mother’s home by a police officer normal???
Even if this was a simple citizen; a microbus driver or a plumber, can causing a permanent disability to the person that continues with them the rest of their life be normal???
If this person was not a police officer, would he dare to attack the sanctity of a house with such audacity???
Police assaults and bullying affect everyone!!!
Even inside my house!!!
Mubarak’s soldiers have spread their corruption allover Egypt!!!
This must be stopped!!!
And I’m not giving up my right

Thank you to all who tried to contact me and I could not reply because I was at the police station or hospital, and all of the knowledge of the attack
And in particular the great Professor Hisham Qassem, professor and journalist Wael Abdel Fattah and Mr. Gamal Eid, lawyer and professor Nasser Amin a lawyer and journalist Amr Badr and Al-Constitution and the Egyptian day, the seventh day and Marwa Rakha and Hossam and Alhamlawi Jimehud Alaa and Manal and Cecilia Uden and Noha Atef and we Jiryes and Barmawi and military Abeer Mohammed and Adel and brain Mac and Hafsah Zgmot and Mandy Murad and Hrnkc Sheriff Ezer leftist Egyptian Razan Ghazzawi and Rasha Khoury, Maha Black Maysan Hassan Nivine Lutfi Sarah Demerdash and Zinobia and Rovetologi Gillian York and the Princess Al-Husseini, and Melissa Gera Ahmed Omrane Sami Ben Western and Kichelsavli Anna and Andrew Weiss, Mustafa Hussein, Ahmed Abdel-Fattah, the International Center for Journalists ICFJ and Chris Michael, Hamdi Qenawi Shawqi Recep Samuel Tadrus, Rami Rauf Down Orteja bloggers and the Commission on the Protection Committee to Protect Bloggers, and Global Voices Global Voest and Marcy Newman, Sameh Ahmed Sami Laroussi and BBC Radio and Freedom House, Freedom House


Excuse me, if you have forgotten any one
I leave you now to see what to do with the pain of my broken teeth and the headache.



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